The Rosary Meditation Companion

Keep Jesus in your heart wherever you go.

This pocket-size book is designed to inspire and travel with you. A beautiful array of artwork complements the series of meditations that will bring the heart and mind together while reciting the Rosary.

Order The Rosary Meditation Companion in packs of 10 or 25 for you to keep and share with friends and family.


Rosario Meditación Compañero

Mantener a Jesús en tu corazón donde quiera que vaya.

Rosario Meditación Compañero es un libro de bolsillo que está diseñado para inspirar y viajar con usted dondequiera que vaya. Una hermosa variedad de obras de arte complementa la serie de meditaciones que traerá el corazón y la mente juntos mientras se recita el Rosario.

Las opciones incluyen paquetes de 10 ó 25 copias de Rosario Meditación Compañero para que usted pueda guardar y compartir con amigos y familiares.


The Rosary Meditation Companion CD

A more sensory experience for all.

This audio version of The Rosary Meditation Companion is ideal for those who are looking for an enhanced experience or who may be visually impaired. Each CD comes with a print version of The Rosary Meditation Companion.


Please expect orders to be fulfilled and mailed within 5-7 business days.

For our loyal customers, due to the increased cost of materials, production and printing we have had to raise the price of our booklets to cover our costs so

Fr. Andy’s mission may continue.

Thank you for your understanding.

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