Meditating on the mysteries of the Rosary strengthens our union with Jesus Christ, and through him, Our Heavenly Father. However, the counting of beads recitation of words is not a prayer until the mind and heart enter.

The Rosary Meditation Companion is a pocket-size book that gives guidance into the mysteries of Jesus' life, so that the faithful can attain a deeper concentration in a simple, easy, understandable way.

These meditations, and the beautiful array of artwork that accompanies each mystery, bring together the heart, mind and spirit while reciting the Rosary.

This book is labor of love that was created by Fr. Andrew Marinak, who hopes that through this publication, families, children, adults and aged will find access to the hearts of Jesus and Mary.

Click HERE to download a sample of The Rosary Meditation Companion.

Fr. Andrew Marinak was born to a humble milkman, Andrew, and his wife Josephine, on November 25, 1928 in Steelton, PA. He is the eldest of 5 brothers and has 4 sisters.

Fr. Marinak, known by everyone as Fr. Andy, heard the calling to be a priest at the age of 14, just before he entered into Bishop McDevitt High School in Steelton. He went with his father to speak to the Bishop, and it was decided he would go to the seminary directly after completing grade 10.

Fr. Andy attended Pontifical College Josephium in Worthington, OH, and was ordained May 26, 1956. After serving as an assistant at several local parishes, he then moved on to St. Joan of Arc in Hershey, PA. Fr. Andy’s first pastoral assignment was as the chaplain of the Lewisburg Federal Prison in Lewisburg, PA.

He later moved to Holy Cross Parish in Mt. Carmel, PA. After one year, he was assigned to Our Lady of Seven Sorrows of BVM in Middletown, PA, which was followed by an assignment at Corpus Christi in Chambersburg, PA.

He then returned to his hometown parish of St. James in Steelton, where he was a compassionate force of the Catholic faith and known by all as a true ‘local’ priest. Later, he was assigned to Sacred Heart in Cornwall, PA, and then retired on June 19, 2003.

Currently, Fr. Andy resides in Myrtle Beach, SC. To say he is fully retired is a bit inaccurate. Fr. Andy is constantly on the move. If he isn’t praying or playing a passionate game of golf, he is filling in for other priests who are on holiday, or traveling to support many of the local outreach programs and retreats he founded.

He says his real retirement will be with Our Lord and the Blessed Mother in heaven.

The Rosary Meditation Companion was inspired by his great love and dedication to Our Lady and remains to this day his main focus ... but he still gets in the occasional golf game.